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With ancestral roots originating in France, Daniel Manies’ forefathers made their way to America in 1874. From a long history of agriculture and French heritage, Daniel has come to know that winemaking is in his blood. Lifetime of hard work, Daniel has achieved many great goals. Beginning his career in the wine industry, earning his credentials on the stomping grounds of winery greats such as Beringer, Mondavi and Christian Brothers, all while attending college courses, has positioned him as a valuable member of the power team that put Napa Valley on the map as the world-renowned wine region it is today.  ​



 From Robert Mondavi Winery, Daniel was selected to join the Opus One Winemaking team as a Master Cellarman to help start-up and develop all production programs. For 13 years, Daniel performed all production operations working with winemaker Tim Mondavi and winemaker Patrick Leon of Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s winery to establish a strong foundation for the future of Opus One. During this time, Daniel continued his education at the University of California at Davis, expanding his knowledge and skills allowing him to conduct laboratory analysis at Opus One.  Daniel’s dedication and skill were recognized by Baron Philippe de Rothschild and he was sent to Bordeaux, France to visit the parent wineries of Opus One. This educational experience has become the highlight of his career as his stay at Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s winery further enriched his knowledge of winemaking. ​



Daniel had the first official vintage of his own Bordeaux-style wine, Vin De Manies (brand name under DRM Winery)          As many winemaking stories begin, this inaugural vintage was birthed in his garage, with friends helping bottle and hand label his dreams into reality. Slowly, but surely, his wines and his label have evolved, but one thing is unchanged, his passion for his craft and his skill formed through a lifetime of winemaking is unwavering. Daniel is extremely selective in choosing only grapes grown by small, private, vineyard owners who personally give their vines the loving care and attention that large commercial vineyard growers cannot afford. Great wine comes from quality fruit grown in a well-attended vineyard, under the best of conditions. 

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